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    Variable driling system VARIANT

    Versatile, variable modular drilling system for professionals

    The VARIANT system can be used wherever standard concrete drills cannot be used. The individual components of the system are characterized by high quality workmanship and extremely long service life.

    The system contains several types of special drilling parts for various purposes:

    • Driling star VARIANT - especially suitable for breakthrough drilling, they allow drilling up to a diameter of 150 mm and the length of the tool can be freely set using extensions and lead-out screws.
    • Hollow core bit VARIANT - very robust core drill bits for less deep breakthrough drilling and pre-drilling for electrical installation boxes
    • Core Cutter VARIANT - enable, in combination with the appropriate adapter, the assembly of a light but at the same time stable breakthrough drill bit
    • Rebar Cutter VARIANT - help standard drill bits go where it is necessary to overcome a rebar

    These drilling parts are then combined with:

    • Adapters for different types of clamping of large electropneumatic hammers
    • Extensions and augers for debris removal

    You can freely change the appearance of the resulting drilling set according to your current needs.


    • A powerful and variable tool that allows you to drill even where standard drills have no chance.
    • Extremely stable construction ensures long life.
    • Can also be used in reinforced concrete.
    • Individual parts of the system can be gradually purchased as needed.
    • If any part of the system is damaged or worn, it can easily be replaced with a new one.

    Designed for: large electropneumatic hammers - offered adapters allow the system to be used in hammers with a different clamping than SDS-max

    Use in materials: granite, concrete (also reinforced), brick, stone

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