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    The availability of goods is at least as important to most customers as its price and quality. Therefore, in our e-shop, it is always stated for each item whether it is in stock at this moment. For currently sold-out items, the expected date of their new stock is indicated.

    You can be sure that the goods marked "in stock" are really in stock. Our warehouse is not virtual, but real.


    After adding the item to the cart, you will immediately find out whether the entire quantity you require or only a part of it is available.
    The following situations may occur:


    The item is in stock in the required quantity and   we can send you the total ordered quantity.

    "TERM" + (... pcs)

    The number of pieces left in stock is indicated in brackets. In case you ordered bigger quantity. We will send you the amount specified in brackets and the rest can be sent later, , within the specified period (for the specified number of days / weeks)..

    If you do not want additional shipments, reduce the ordered quantity to the remaining number of pieces.

    "TERM" + (0 pcs)

    The goods have just been sold out, but we already know when they will be re-stocked (see availability). You will receive this item later after it will be available in shown term.


    We expect new goods in the range of 8 - 12 weeks.

    A more precise date will be announced later.

    SOLD-OUT + (... pcs)

    The number of pieces left in stock is indicated in brackets. You ordered more.

    We are only able to send the quantity indicated in brackets. We do not know the exact date of the new stock yet.

    If you do not want an additional shipment with missing goods later, please reduce the ordered quantity to the remaining No. of pieces.

    SOLD-OUT + (0 pcs)

    The goods are out of stock now, but will be available again, but we do not have any exact delivery time now.

    In such cases, the delivery time is usually several weeks to months.If you want to book the goods, leave it in the order.

    If you can not wait, please chech other items as acceptable alternative.

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