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    You have several ways how to find the goods in our e-shop:

    1. By selecting the main menu category   (e.g. "drilling to the tiles, glass and plastics") and then going through the individual subcategories and types of goods that will lead you to the specific item you are looking for.

    2. Using full-text search. Type your search term in the search box:
      • required type of goods (e.g. chisel)
      • item code (e.g. 2210-2)
      • goods can also be searched using the EAN code
      Then click on the magnifying glass icon or on the result of the full-text search.



    • You can add goods to the basket very easily - just select the desired size or type, the quantity you want to add to the cart and then just click on the button„BASKET“ , or  "TO BASKET" (in the case of a product without alternatives).

    • After adding the goods to the basket, an information window will appear confirming the addition of the goods to the basket, its value and the offer of related items. At the same time, the total "purchase value" in the basket is displayed in the upper right part.

    • The goods can be added to the cart continuously, even if you are not logged in.


    For those who know the ordering No. of our products or want to re-order goods that they have previously purchased, it is recommended FAST PURCHASE. It allows you to enter goods into the basket without having to search for each individual item first.

    Click on "MAKE FAST PURCHASE" on the left side of our web home page of our e-shop.


    The shopping basket page will open, where you can choose FAST PURCHASE or ORDER IMPORT.

    In case you choose FAST PURCHASE the form will open, into which simply enter the order number, number of pieces and confirm.

    A line containing the name of the goods will appear on the screen, information if the goods are in stock, a field in which you can simply enter the required number of pieces and its price. This way, you can also place an order with a large number of items very quickly and easily .

    If you choose ORDER IMPORT the page will open and you can enter the file with the order in the format CSV (save the table as a CSV file: a comma, semicolon, tab or vertical line can be used as a column separator).

    Another option is paste via clipboard (Select all the fields in the table and use Ctrl + C to paste them into the clipboard.

    Then use Ctrl + V to paste them into this field.) Then click the button ADD TO THE BASKET.



    Use the icon to check the goods added to the shopping basket SHOPPING BASKET, which is placed in the top right page bar.

    Right in the shopping basket you can then simply overwrite the number of the ordered items, to delete a certain item by clicking on the cross, or empty the entire shopping basket.

    For each item you have added to the cart, you can check all the important data: the price, the discount provided to you, the availability of the goods, the ordered quantity and the total price for the order.

    At the same time you will find out whether the goods will be delivered free of charge or whether the postage will be charged.



    If you have checked the goods in your shopping basket and want to send the order, select one of the required offered option the type of the transport and the payment.

    Then it is necessary to fill the billing and delivery information .

    • Registered customers: If you have previously registered with us and logged in before purchasing the goods, your registration details will be filled in the order automatically.
      If you have not logged in yet, you can log in before sending the order and the data will be filled in. At the same time, the prices and discounts provided are also recalculated to suit your specific individual delivery terms.

      You can log in in the upper right corner, or directly in the basket detail
    • Unregistered customers: Of course, the order can also be sent without permanent registration in our e-shop. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to fill in all the necessary data (marked*).

      If you want to register, you can do so directly in the basket detail.

      Note: unregistered customers cannot use the tracking options, order history, etc.

    It will be displayed as the last point of the ordering process recapitulation of the order. Click on the button for the final creation of your order SEND THE ORDER.


    Now it's our turn. If you have filled in your e-mail correctly, you will receive an automatic reply upon receipt of the order.

    In case the ordered items are in stock and all the information you have entered are right, you can expect your goods within few days.

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