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    Adapters with hexagon 1/4 "

    Adapters with 1/4 " hexagonal shank, also called screwdriver bits holders


    These adapters form a fixed connection between a screwdriver bit (or other 1/4 "hex shank) and a drive (drill, cordless screwdriver, but also a ratchet or torque wrench).

    They allow quick and easy tool changes.


    Adapters in various lengths and designs are available. The most common are following types:


    Magnetic bit holder - the bit is held in the attachment by a magnet. The magnetic attraction is partly transmitted to the screwdriver bit and thus holds the screwed-in or unscrewed screws.  

    Magnetic bit holder “Quick change” shank - the bit is held in the adapter in the hexagonal socket. To remove the bit from the adapter - slide the case back slightly. This type of the adapter is also equipped with a magnet that holds the screws.

    Non-magnetic universal bit holder - bit is held in the attachment by a spring. It has no magnet in it, so it does not attract metal chips that can be generated during any work. This type of adapter is therefore ideal for countersinks or metal drilling for drill bits with 1/4 "hexagonal shank. 

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